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Huachuang Tianyuan Industrial Developing Co., Ltd. (HTIDC) was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), a state-owned enterprise group enlisted in “Fortune Global 500”, which is well-known for a variety of hi-tech innovations in a vast range of industries both in domestic and global market.

HTIDC is headquartered in Beijing with several sub-companies in different regions of China. Since its founding, HTIDC has dedicated more than 20 years to research, development and manufacturing of advanced industrial pipelines. The main products of HTIDC include Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe, Metal Reinforced Spirally Corrugated PE Pipe, Multiple Steel Reinforced PE Pipe, complete range of fittings and so on, which are noted outstanding advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion, high pressure endurance, creep resistance, hygiene, eco-friendliness, etc.

HTIDC has 44 production lines of pipes in different categories, and the annual production capacity exceeds 12000Km, which enables itself to remain the largest anti-corrosive pipes producer with the fullest product categories in China, capable of pipeline and fittings production, installation and services.

In order for maximization of customer’s benefits, HTIDC has been sticking to virgin polyethylene raw material in production, free from any recycled material and additives that compromise the quality of pipeline and fittings. The galvanized steel sheet and yellow inner wall (a testimony to application of completely virgin polyethylene material) of Steel Reinforced Spirally Corrugated Pipe have been advocated by HTIDC and hence accepted by the vast market as the signature of superior quality.

The HTIDC pipes have been widely applied in the industries of mining, petroleum and gas, chemical engineering, power plant, airport, sea port, municipal engineering and so on. Benefited from ever-increasing market share in the above fields, HTIDC has been developing at the average growth rate of 30% in the past decade, with total sales above 10 000 kilometers, close to a quarter of the length of equator.

The HTIDC company has been equipped with multiple advanced testing instruments, all of which build into a complete and complex quality control system, ranging from raw material examination and product inspection, so as to ensure the good quality of 100% of HTIDC products.

Catering to customers’ long-term interests and needs, HTIDC lays great emphasis on technology innovation and product development, for which 102 patents have been granted, enabling us to serve our customers with advanced products including Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe, and Steel Reinforced Spirally Corrugated PE Pipe, Multiple Steel Reinforced PE Pipe, as well as full-range fittings. With products distributed in more than 30 nations and regions, HTIDC is proud and confident to march on as the leading company in Chinese composite pipeline industry and keep a constantly progressive position in global market.