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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Huachuang Tianyuan Industrial Developing Co., Ltd. (HTIDC) strives to be the leading pipeline company in world market by providing excellent customer service, high quality products, innovative technology and original business ideas. Our success has been and will be achieved through the efforts by all our employees and lead to ever-increasing satisfaction of our customers. Customers' satisfaction is our main objective.

Our Mission

A long-term commitment to customers' aims and collaborative approach to solving problems is fundamental to the way we work. The strength of this approach means we are well placed to understand our customers and apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to help them deliver their goals.

That's why we often support our customers throughout the complete project, from value engineering during specification and design stages to advising during installation and commissioning stages. We believe that this partnership approach is also the reason behind the high level of repeated business entrusted to us.

Our Values

There are five values at the core of our business that form the way we work.


We always seek opportunities for new ways of doing things resulting in better products and services.


We strive to continually improve and develop to ensure quality and innovation in all respects.


We always desire to do more and exceed the expectations of our customers and ourselves.

Inclusiveness & openness

We invite and respect the contribution of all through collaboration, teamwork and valuing diversity.


We believe that by acting truthfully, honestly and ethically towards our clients, people and suppliers we will earn their trust and build sustainable success together.