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Multiple Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe

Multiple Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe

Multiple Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe



Steel rib and steel net are used as reinforcing part into HDPE material and extruded together to form composite plastic belt, and then welded spirally to form the pipe.



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1. Multiple layer reinforced structure, excellent internal and external pressure resistance.

Using the high strength steel mesh and steel belt to improve the pipe resistance to internal pressure ring stress, using steel belt to improve ability to resist the external pressure.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance in inner and outer layer of the pipe and longer service life.

Inner and outer layer of high density polyethylene is stable, the enhanced steel ribs and steel net is coated with polyethylene.

3. Reliable connection without leakage.

Pipeline mainly uses metal reinforced electro-fusion connection, convenient connection, sealing is guaranteed.

4. Higher transmission capacity

Inner wall is not easy to scale wax deposition, lower in flow resistance.

5. Excellent ability to resist soil subsidence.

The pipeline is flexible, in the case of soil subsidence; the pipeline is not easy to be cracked.

6. Easy installation, lower comprehensive cost.

Pipe is relatively lighter in weight, handling, transportation and installation is convenient, short project time, lower construction cost.

7. No microbial breeding, super hygienic property, meeting the standard of drinking water.

Complies the hygienic standard GB/T 17219-1998 and the relevant standards.


1. Water transmission pipeline

2. Water diversion pipeline

3. Pressure sewage pipeline

4. Recycled water pipeline

5. Water conservancy irrigation pipeline

6. Industrial and civil water transportation pipeline

7. Desalination and sea water transportation pipeline


Certificate EN12201:

Certificate EN12201.jpg