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HTIDC in POGEE (Petrolum Oil and Gas Energy Exhibition )

HTIDC in POGEE (Petrolum Oil and Gas Energy Exhibition )

May 16th, "the Belt and Road Initiatives" International Summit Forum held in Beijing, HTIDC brand Steel Mesh Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and products stunning debut Pakistan 15th POGEE exhibition once again. The POGEE, keeping three days, is Pakistan's largest and oldest exhibition. In the local industry and the energy industry has a broad and far-reaching impact.


Through the strong support of the company and the joint efforts of local people and local dealers, we have accumulated in Pakistan nearly 100km pipe products from 2013 that we start the development of the Pakistani market to so far. The company is currently the largest overseas direct marketing market.HTIDC brand steel-plastic composite pipe has become a local industrial pipeline in the field of well-known brands. Pakistan, which is affectionately known as the "bloodbrother" by the people, is also undergoing the support of the Chinese government as a model of the "the Belt and Road Initiatives".


The show was also supported by Mr. Javed, a local distributor in Pakistan. Old man has been 65 years old this year but still hale and hearty. When the customers visiting us. His professional, dedicated spirit makes people deeply admire. The old man often hangs in the mouth of the sentence is "HTIDC pipeline not only solved the customer's problem, but also let my business bigger and bigger."



From this POGEE, we publicity of the brand image and introduce our steel-plastic composite pipe products to more Pakistan customers. Has also become an effective channel for us to collect local information. To further develop the local market has played a very good role in promoting.