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HTIDC Participated in the Mining Industry Exhibition in Brazil and Peru

HTIDC Participated in the Mining Industry Exhibition in Brazil and Peru

In order to further expand the influence of HTIDC pipeline in Latin American mining market, our company participated in the 18th EXPOSIBRAM Brazil International Mining Machinery Exhibition and the 34th Peru International Mining Exhibition in September.


EXPOSIBRAM Mining Machinery Exhibition is one of the most professional exhibitions of mining machinery and equipment, mining and ore processing industry in Latin America. According to official statistics, 2018 attracted more than 20 companies from Germany, Australia, the United States, China, Japan and other countries to participate in the exhibition, with more than 40,000 professionals. Peru International Mining Exhibition since its inception in 1954, and has successfully held 33 sessions, with a very long history and a wide range of influence and prominent reputation in the internationally, each exhibition has the head of state, mining minister and other high-level officials to meet at the exhibition, it reflects the extreme importance from Peru attaches to the mining industry at the national level.

At the exhibition in Brazil, HTIDC has become one of the highlights in the same industry with its excellent product quality and performance. The ingenious product design, professional and interesting explanation have attracted customers from many industries to stop and watch, consult and negotiate. Many customers put forward a lot of technical problems according to their actual situation, and the staff of the company are all at the scene to answer the questions, so the customer is greatly satisfied. During the four-day exhibition, HTIDC received more than 400 professional customers, including VALE, SAMARCO, Anglo American, and other leading enterprises, and achieved fruitful results.

Peruvian exhibition, HTIDC booth is located in China 701 of Pavilion C, the location is superior, the flow of people is abundant and reasonable, a number of mining company representatives and agents come to show great interest in HTIDC steel skeleton pipeline, after a careful understanding of the structure, characteristics and materials of the product, it is shown that this kind of steel skeleton pipeline has great potential in the mining field. In addition to local customers from Peru, mining practitioners from Costa Rica and Colombia have also come to visit and are interested in this new pipeline product. The exhibition lasted 5 working days, and the HTIDC booth received hundreds of visiting customers, leaving business cards and contact information for follow-up. 

Latin American region is an important area for the international operation of the company. With the help of these two international mining exhibitions, the company has shown our strong strength to the Latin American mining industry customers, at the same time, also provided the leading comprehensive pipeline solutions for the industry companies, which has been praised by the industry customers. We know that international market development has a long way to go, and we will continue to do our level best to expand the international market to provide the best quality products and services to global customers.

(Photo/Text: Liu Zhe)