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Steel Wires Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe

Steel Wires Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe

Steel Wires Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe



Steel Wires Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipe uses steel wire and polyethylene as raw material. Use high strength steel wire winded to form steel mesh as reinforced part of the polyethylene pipe. Use HDPE as the raw material of the pipe and use high performance adhesive materials to adhere the steel mesh and the inner/outer polyethylene layers together.



steel wire 1.jpg


1. The intensity rigidity, Impact resistance and the strength is higher than ordinary PE pipes.

2. The creep resistance coefficient and low expansion coefficient are similar to the PE pipe.

3. Anti-corrosion performance is same as PE pipe. The temperature resistance abilities are even higher than PE pipe. Low thermal conductivity coefficient.

4. The inner wall is smooth with no scaling. Head loss of pipeline comparing with steel pipe is 30% lower.

5. By adjusting the diameter of the steel wires and plastic layer thickness, different pressure level pipes can be produced.

6. Overall service lifespan is expected more than 50 years.

7. Lighter in weight, easier installation, connected by electro-fusion joint method. 



1. The municipal projects: water supply, drainage and sewage, drinking water and environmental protection engineering, natural gas and gas pipeline.

2. Oil field: Waste water, crude oil, oil well injected polymer solution or pipeline, salt brine treatment tube; especially suitable for high sulfur oil, gas, water and other media.

3. Chemical engineering: For acid salt manufacturing industry oil, chemical, pesticide, metallurgy, etc

4. Drain pipes in textile, dyeing: Medium conveying pipeline corrosion and discharge pipe.

5. Construction industry: Underground drainage pipe, cable dredge pipe and so on.

6. Seawater transportation: seawater desalination plant, Harbor City water transport.

7. Ship manufacturing: Sewage pipe, drainage pipe, Ballast water tank, ventilation pipe and so on.

8. Agricultural irrigation: Deep tube, filter pipe, culvert pipe, drainage pipe, irrigation pipe and so on.

9. The mine: ore slurry conveying pipe, pipe engineering and pumping tubes.